Our Research

The remote working survey for architects

We launched a survey that was completed by around 200 firms of all shapes and sizes from across the UK. We asked about the challenges their remote studios are facing. We explored the solutions they are discovering. And we gave them the opportunity to share their words of wisdom with fellow architects.

"Make sure by the time we’re all working normally again, whenever that will be, that your business is in a position to hit the ground running with positivity and proactivity. We need to all do our part to get the economy moving again and stabilise the real estate industry "

Jo Cowen,
Jo Cowen Architects

Follow up interviews

Some of the survey responses we received led to more questions. What followed was a week of video calls with architects digging deeper into their answers and general chats around their thoughts on their studio’s transition to working remotely. This has added a depth of understanding that we hope you’ll find of real interest and value as you move forwards in a digitally transformed world.

Key takeaways and actionable insights

At Weaver we develop business tools for architects that facilitate the tendering process, streamline contractor vetting and manage professional contacts centrally within a studio.

As such, we’ve been discussing technology and tools with architects for a long time; well before digital transformation went from something you should do, to an existential necessity.

We’ve used this experience to highlight the most important and actionable takeaways from the survey and the interviews. We’ve categorised them by theme to provide you with a fresh, objective perspective as to how a remote studio can operate at maximum levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

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